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MRI Survey Consultants (Licensed Land Surveyor)

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Business Philosophy and important areas on our Surveying Services

The Company

MRI Survey Consultants  Consultants was established to provide full-service in Land Surveying-GIS Solution with combined experience in traditional survey practices, using a variety of equipment, such as Field to Finish (F2F) solution, EDM Total Stations, Data Collectors, and Leveling. MRI Survey Consultants   is ready to fulfill all your surveying needs range from high quality professional surveying, mapping to geomatics-related services. Whether its boundary, topographic, wetlands, monitoring wells, environmental surveys, roadway, construction or other stakeout, MRI Survey Consultants  Consultants offers a unique ability to combine its GIS expertise with traditional survey methods to achieve optimal results for its clients. Once the field work is completed, MRI Survey Consultants  will digitally reduce the data to deliver the product as quick as possible.


The Personnel

MRI Survey Consultants  Consultants employees have experience in diverse types of surveys, and all survey work is supervised by professional and experience graduate surveyor. MRI Survey Consultants  Consultants believe that our practical experience together with education makes MRI Survey Consultants  employees better able to meet the challenges that can occur with any surveying project. Additionally, MRI Survey Consultants  Project Managers are able to personally follow Clients project from “field to finish” without the miscommunication, delays, and errors that may occur when a project is handed from one person or department to the next.


Company Experience

MRI Survey Consultants  personnel are experienced in GIS, Topographic and Boundary surveys ranging from small house lots to lots over several hundred acres. Our experience also includes building, development, and Railway. MRI Survey Consultants  also has experience with a wide variety of GPS Data Collection surveys for Municipals and Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR), Utility including water pipe location for Jabatan Bekalan Air (JBA) and water pipe detection and monitoring surveys. MRI Survey Consultants  also has extensive experience with various coordinate systems, vertical datum’s, and plane coordinate systems. All work can be done on site coordinate systems or tied and reduced into State Plane Coordinates. As more government agencies require State Plane Coordinates on surveys it will be important to know which company can get the job down correctly.



MRI Survey Consultants  personnel are thoroughly trained to work with a diverse set of instruments. Not only do we operate the most advanced Surveying Equipment such as GPS-Total Station, GPS surveying and mapping receivers, but we also use the latest traditional survey technology. We use latest instruments technology for data collection and the digital level to improve accuracy and productivity while lowering costs for our customers.

Our Services


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