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MRI Survey Consultants (Licensed Land Surveyor)


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Land Surveying Services

Property/Boundary Survey

During a boundary survey we physically locate your deed on the ground. If your property has been previously surveyed, we will retrace the survey, find existing monuments (property corners), or replace missing monuments. If it has not been surveyed before, we will set your property corners and prepare/file a record of survey map with the county. We are required by law to file a record of survey map when establishing property corners or lines which are not of record.

Drafting the record of survey and the county fees will increase the cost of the survey and we will include these additional costs in our estimate. Boundary Surveying and marking property lines in addition to locating your property corners during a boundary survey, we can also mark your property lines with intermediate points. This is extremely helpful if the property corners are not inter-visible, due to terrain or vegetation, and you are making improvements near the property lines. You may want to consider having the property lines marked or “flagged” if you are building a fence, building a house and need to check building setbacks, or are concerned about encroachments.

Topographic Survey
A topographic map (‘topo’) is a site map showing the topographic features of a site by way of contour lines. Topographic features could include drainage patterns, locations of rock outcroppings, hills and other natural features. The map may also include artificial features such as buildings, utility locations, detention ponds and other features which would affect engineering design on the site. Topographic contours can be shown at almost any interval that is specified by the client. In areas of steep terrain, a larger contour interval can show the topography without the crowding of contour lines that would be introduced by a smaller contour interval. In areas of relatively flat terrain, a smaller contour interval is necessary to show the small changes in topography in a meaningful way. The topographic map is prepared by gathering horizontal and vertical information in the form of XYZ coordinates.



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